Cotterman Metal Splicing Dowel

Product code: SD5-1

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Cotterman Single Trak metal splicing dowel - Model SD5-1
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Cotterman Metal Splicing Dowel

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Product Information

Product Specialty Ladder Accessory
Manufacturer Cotterman
Brand Single Trak
Industry Construction, Plant Maintenance
Material Metal
Approximate Lead Time ARO* 10 business days
Cotterman Single Trak metal splicing dowel - Model SD5-1. Necessary for connection of track section. Select the proper model based on top step height required for your application. Keep in mind the maximum working height is approximately 5-6 feet above the top step height shown. Based on the model selected, specify the required track height from the floor to the top of the track (1 inch increments). Stay within ranges shown. Choose L10 or L15 brackets (2 ends per track run and 3 foot maximum center spacing) for attaching the #78 track to either horizontal shelf surfaces or vertical shelf supports.